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Spain's first incubator for Logistics 4.0 Startups

Gandolapp: Virtual escort for truck drivers
E2 Cofelvring: Underground logistics innovation
Artificial eyes transforming logistics
Eaship: Digitizing Transportation Management for the Logistics of the Future
Ecodeliver: Sustainable and collaborative parcel delivery
Usyncro: Revolutionizing Logistic Efficiency with Technology and Innovation
Simig Solutions: Addressing Issues in Cold Chain Traceability
Technology for Optimizing Transportation Processes
Estoko: Flexible Storage at Any Point in Spain
Jotavirtual: Virtual Solutions to Streamline Logistics
Webtrans: The Digital Revolution in Transportation
Addressing Logistics Inefficiencies through Drones
Bleecker: The codes that revolutionize the traceability of goods
Sustainability in the Last Mile: Challenges and Solutions
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