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Spain's first incubator for Logistics 4.0 Startups

We support the most promising initiatives.

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The Logistics 4.0 Incubator
It is a project led by the CZFB with the support of the Incyde Foundation and Feder Funds.

Our objective is to select the 25 most attractive startups in the world of logistics that want to develop their own technology to enter our incubation programme.

In it, they will have a budget of between 10.000€ and 30.000€ to carry out their technological innovation in any of the Industry 4.0 technologies, as well as mentoring on their business model, their technical/business activity, access to sources of funding or access to networking activities, among others.
How do I apply?
We are waiting for you.
Download the application form and send it to the following e-mail address:
An Advisory Board made up of proven experts in logistics and 4.0 technologies will be in charge of evaluating the most interesting applications and approving their access to our incubation programme.
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